Thursday, September 23, 2010


happy with myfamily!

i dunno how to story bout how fun we are in Pulau Langkawi but it is time to me to share!

yeah,having a full day with our family will make us satisfied. sgt2 puas ati! we must appreciate that time k..before we started our journey,we stop at kedai mamak for breakfast. so at that morning,i choose to eat mee goreng and juz minum teh tarik jah. then finish je mkn ktrg pun btolak to KLIA.

when we arrived at KLIA,so like usual beg berat an so i took the trolley. after finish uruskn hal2 tiket,we walked around there and shopping2 4 a while b4 naik flight.yahO0!ni ad i coret2kan pic2 wktu percutian ktrg.


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